uCode by Adidas 2017

The hackathon took place in Zaragoza between 10-12 March, 2017

hiberus challenge


Smartlify is an android app based in the client-server paradigm that allows the user to control its own drone with our app, watching in real time the camera of the drone on the mobile screen and showing all the nearest Access Points sharing Wi-Fi using an attached Raspberry Pi on the drone


To create this application, the following gadgets were used:


Main goal is to be able to connect a mobile phone, a drone and a Raspberry Pi attached to the drone into a single WiFi network to provide communication between them and allow the Raspbery Pi that is dynamically moved thanks to the drone scan access points remotely.


The ability to scan networks remotely is useful to:

Future uses

The following ideas can be implemented with more time and research, but using the same or more gadgets:

Use summary

Therefore with further work the application can be used by system administrators to remotely secure their buildings from unauthorized wireless networks while keeping track of their status, use and users.

Language and dependencies

Client and server modules to communicate the Raspberry Pi attached to the drone with the mobile application are coded in Python 3.4, using the following libraries: - netifaces - wifi

Android application

The Android app that controls the drone and displays the found wireless access points can be found here: Smartlify App</center>

<> with ❤ by ccebrecos, davidlj95, cgardev and persicris.